About Us

Thomson Foods Inc. is a Canadian based food processing company which produces rice-based snacks intended for its Canadian and American customers.Our trade name is 'REAL'.It is located in the City of St. Thomas, ON. Our products are Kerala Mixture, Mild Mixture, Crispy Plantain Chips, Spicy Ribbon, Masala Peanuts, crispy spiral regular, crispy spiral zesty and crispy ribbons. Our items maintain a unique flavor and texture because of the perfect blending of their ingredients. Each of the ingredients is carefully chosen to make sure that they are the best ingredients available in the market. Our product experts constantly monitor the day’s outcome to maintain the superior quality of our products. The ingredients are carefully blended before frying so as to ensure the best quality. Matchless taste and texture is attained by carefully controlling the temperature and water content. During the production process, the items are filtered several times to make sure that they are oil-free. We maintain a sterile and hygienic atmosphere in our food processing area to avoid any kind of contamination. Our dedicated employees strive hard to ensure that the best quality products are dispatched from our plant. We have a wide network of retail stores in St. Thomas, London and Toronto where our products are available. Our customers entertain a high opinion about our products and our aim is to make them happy again and again.
All natural, all good. We use organic ingredients in most of our snacks to make sure that you, and those you care about, are fuelling up with high-powered food!Our nutritionally balanced snacks are also awesome for what they don’t contain: No artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners No harmful preservatives No more than 200 calories per 35 gram portion No high fructose corn syrup No trans fats Keep in mind that all our fantastic food is packed in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and sesame. Cross-contamination between any of our ingredients is likely to occur. If you’re allergic to any of these things, then unfortunately we can’t help at this time.

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