Crispy Spiral Spicy comes in two varieties-with coconut or without coconut. The main ingredients are rice flour and black lentil. To add flavor and aroma,pearl onions are blended into the dough. Sesame and fennel seeds are mixed with the dough and enough salt is added. Spiral shape is achieved by carefully casting of the dough into the broad frying pan nets. The nets are dipped into the oil tray and kept for a couple minutes until the casted spirals turn golden brown. Once removed from the fryer, the fried spirals are filtered thrice to make it oil free. The packed crispies are stacked into the cartons and stored in wooden skids waiting for dispatch to the various destinations. Coconut is added into the dough to increase the flavor. A mild savoring taste is achieved by the addition of coconut which many of our customers like. Crispy Spiral Regular is a rice based snack which increases its flavor when consumed with ketchup. Thanks to the incessant efforts of our product specialists which rendered crispy spiral regular one of the best snacks available in the market.